Randy Reynolds, Delaware Department of Technology and Information
Pat Sine, University of Delaware, Office of Educational Technology

1. What is Internet2?
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  • How are your connected to this?

2. What is videoconferencing? And what will I need?
Powerpoint Presentation

    • If you have XP, NetMeeting is preinstalled.
    1. Go to the start menu and choose "Run".
    2. Type in "conf" and press "ok".
    3. Follow the directions and start playing with your free Microsoft NetMeeting for Windows XP

3. What opportunities are there?

  • Classroom to Classroom -- Use Muse to make contacts or contact, DCET or Pat Sine.
  • View some first -- free through MAGPI
    • UD College School - Bruce Blitz on Cartooning
    • Seaford -- Professional Development
    • Smyrna -- NASA

4. How can I participate?